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Nanophotonics Foresight Report 2011


Nanophotonics Foresight Report

 In November 2010 leading researchers gathered in Barcelona to discuss the future research direction of nanophotonics. The outcome of this Foresight Workshop, hosted by the Nanophotonics Europe Association, can be found in this icon Nanophotonics - Foresight Report (2011).

Nanophotonics, where optical nanomaterials can slow down, trap, enhance and manipulate light at the sub-wavelength scale, has become a major research area and is making important advances towards optical communications, (nano)imaging and sensing applications. Researchers are also turning their attention to photovoltaics and light emission to tackle energy issues. However in translating academic nanophotonics research to industry many practical roadblocks have to be overcome, for example, nanofabrication, manufacturability, cost etc.

With these challenges in mind, the workshop assembled science and technology leaders from across Europe to assess the road ahead for nanophotonics and map the potential industrial impact. The result is a snapshot of the state of the art in nanophotonics as well as research and development topics that are likely to offer important benefits for the photonics industry, society and the research community.

Download the report here 

Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad - Gobierno de España

The Nanophotonics Europe Association has been partially
funded by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness
through grant ACI-2009-1013


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